Musique & paroles : Raj & the Queen (2020)

Few people know, few people know,
Few people know what’s on with the inmates
Some people show, Some people show,
Some people show me where’s my soulmate
Nobody go, nobody go,
Nobody go inside through the front gate
Under the snow, under the snow,
Under the snow I’ll plan a jailbreak

Lie down, don’t make any move
Even hold your breath ‘cause of the smoke
Fly in the air
Sure that nobody has to see us there
Gate of the jail
Cut the barbed wire and leave no trace
No footprints, no words, if we are caught
We’ll gonna be disgraced

Jailbreak !
Don’t look back your inmates
To the ones whom retained my soulmate
To the state who intent to crash your fate
To the walls of shame

Jailbreak !
Say hello to the happiness
And goodbye to the madness
Let’s escape from the nothingness
Towards the wilderness

If you, wanna stay free
Travelling with papers so rely on me
Dont’ be upset with shadows
And let the bad dream goes
To the past, from the last, to the next, have a rest
Do your best, to the west
Keep walking through the forest
Until you see a nest !

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