Musique & paroles : Raj & the Queen (2020)

Hell no we won’t go !

Focus on the why and skip over the how
It’s time to yell and to react now !
So easy to fall in the trap of fear
Hey ! People upstairs know the drill,
They fetch you by, throwing you a bone
Those people have hearts of stone,
Don’t let the fox get into the henhouse
‘cause they will turn you into a mouse.

Witches with riding breeches
Hiding their cash in tropical spots
In these same places you can often hear gunshots
Riches are sons-of-bitches
Slates easily wiped clean on those beaches
They will end in devil’s own ditches.

Corruption, acceptance, abnegation,
Indignation !

Deforestation, computerization, bastardization,
Indignation !

Deprivation, abstention, accusation,
Indignation !

Intoxication,prohibition, globalization,
Indignation !

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