Moonset dancers

Musique & paroles : Raj & the Queen (2020)

From the end of the day when the moon rise
To the first sun ray towards the eastern skies
We’re dancing until the stars run away
We’re dancing before it will come another day.

Forsaking all our goods, money and lands
Drawing rainbow colored circles with our hands
We’re moving our body as if there was no gravity
And our brains are flying somewhere in the galaxy.

From the sea of clouds to the ocean of storms
Dancing for keeping up the flame that warms
Walking on the moon towards the western skies
Throughout these landscapes that are so wise.

Dancing in the edge of the near side of the moon
Hearing the whole stars change their tune
When we set our feet on the unknown far side
Varuna, Chandra, Itzamna you’ll be my guide !

Almost lost in the obscured side of the moon
Based on a hunch we gonna climb this dune
Breathes, crispy steps, and some words flown away
In this place even silence has its own delay.

Moonlight warms up and enlightens darkness
Like somebody flipped on the switch of happiness
Why flying dragons breathing fire above dancers
Chandra’s honeymoon perhaps is the answer.

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