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Raj & the Queen is a musical band native from Reunion Island, a land of unification of people, created in 2017.

The origin of the band's name comes from an unexpected meeting with the Gypsy people in Pushkar; a small town in northwestern India in the desert region of Rajasthan.

Raj is the name of a man living with his family in one of the Gypsy camps, a few kilometers away from Pushkar. To live, he divides his time between hunting in the desert by day and playing traditional night music in well-to-do hotels in Pushkar.

Raj and some of his brothers aspire to find a nomadic life like that of their ancestors, to revive the legends of their people, to go back on the road to ideal but ephemeral land of welcome. This nourishing and charged land of positive energies called "the Queen".

The Indian government imposes the sedentarization of the Gypsy people and lets them glimpse the many appanages of a sedentary life, Raj and his brothers wish instead to keep their most valuable property in their eyes: their integrity and their freedom.

The commitment of this people to lead a dissident and free life was one of the source of inspiration for the band called : "Raj and the Queen".

Broaden horizons, push boundaries, multiply experiences and accept the fact that meetings are never mere coincidences, ... Raj and the Queen explores through its musical creations the borders of Europe, the Asia, our Earth and even those potentially habitable exoplanets...

Legends set to music (Shangri-La) contiguous to commemorations of real characters (Mata Hari ); fictitious space exploration stories (Journey through a Black Hole) told in the same way as an aquatic flirt with a mermaid in an emerald-colored lagoon (Mermaid love in blue lagoon ) ... Pushing the limits of the imaginary through muscial and visual creations is the band's credo.

On stage, the band sketches a wavy line unfavorable to the stylistic routine, a nod to nuanced musical references (Radio tarifa, The do, Anakronic Elektro Orkestra, ...).

The band will try to share this nomadic energy :
- Oliv Vict (voice, guitare, machines, compositions)
- Luc Joly (flute, saxophone)
- Gérome Geney (drums)
- Léo Lataste (son)

Special thanks to our special guests ! Mano Nicolas (guitar), Manu Nicolas (flute), Pantera (action on stage), Jaja (camera, beers, ...).
Koté Live! bringing up the administrative support to the project ! And although AF Photo Réunion for their awesome pictures ;-)

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