Raj and the Queen

Music & lyrics: Raj & the Queen (2018)

Climbing up to the next hill
Overhanging the system and his will
Over the mountains, oceans and far away
Still shining the hope of the next day
Feel alone on this long and rough road
Lonely with my soul we gonna go abroad
Walking towards a green new earth
Searching where the melodious winds have birth

Step by step, conscientiously leave no trace
Crossing deserts and snowy places
Leaving behind us darkness and fear
Falling right into a trap was so near
Driving to the edge of this new world
Where the mermaids can sing, where the birds can laugh
Where the clouds can shine and the sun can cry
Where the muezzin drink wine and the queens can fly

Stay on this way, whatever you feel
Drink this way, once you paid the water bill
Think this way, it’s no use to read
Fold this way, ‘cause you don’t have the lead
Eat this way, if you don’t wanna be ill
Work this way, and do not expect to chill
Cross this way, if you don’t wanna be killed
Act this way, and never listen Raj and the Queen

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