Music & lyrics : Raj & the Queen (2020)

I was passing throughout the jungle
And finding ways to fumble
As every time I stumbled
I was not useful to grumble
On the ground some footsteps
The same as I saw near my doorsteps
Heavy smell of sweat and smoke
With hard beats my heart stroke

A shadow like a flash, a mad dash
Crossing the creek and splash
Little bounces around the bush
Gotta trap it in an ambush
Drop chickens in a big hole
Now waiting n’ keep control
Amazing and cute, she fall
Oh my lord !
I gotta sell my soul !

What a breathtaking beauty
Alone and lost in a muddy
Scary jungle with snakes
Tigers, gorillas and apes
With a skin of a pantera
And stealth of a ninja
Living, sleeping
Eating on trees
Staying among the birds and bees

Cutie if you would like, change your life
Being Crusoe as a man and a wife
Exploring the world with just a knife
Getting out of your jungle and his strifes
Wind in the air, don’t looking behind
Chill in the air, people are blind
Front of her, she blowes their mind
Wow Pantera, you are my sunshine !

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